Texas SBOE Requires Schools to Offer Two Computer Science Courses

Update on 7/26/2015: Since the blog post was written, TEA has updated the Education Code to reflect this change. You can find it:
It’s found under: 74.3 (b) I

Update on 4/17/14: Changed the title to reflect that high schools are required two computer science courses, not just a district. Students in a high school are to be given the opportunity to take two computer science courses. Also, the word “districts” was changed to “schools” in the first and last paragraph.

ORIGINAL BLOG POST: On Friday, April 11th, the Texas State Board of Education made some changes to the education code in the chapter that tells schools what courses they are required to offer.

The minutes for this meeting won’t be published until the SBOE approves them in July. However, below are the changes they approved for the courses that are required in Technology Applications.

TEA has not updated the website to reflect the changes, but the change was made in  Chapter 74. Curriculum Requirements, Subchapter A. Required Curriculum74.3, (b) (2) (I) as follows:

(I) technology applications— Computer Science I and Computer Science II or AP Computer Science, and at least two [fourcourses selected from [Computer Science I, Computer Science II,] Computer Science III, Digital Art and Animation, Digital Communications in the 21st Century, Digital Design and Media Production, Digital Forensics, Digital Video and Audio Design, Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science, Fundamentals of Computer Science, Game Programming and Design, Independent Study in Evolving/Emerging Technologies, Independent Study in Technology Applications, Mobile Application Development, Robotics Programming and Design, 3-D Modeling and Animation, Web Communications, Web Design, and Web Game Development; and

This is the portion of education code where it lists what schools are required to offer. This change requires schools to offer Computer Science I and Computer Science II OR AP Computer Science, and then choose two other Technology Application courses from the list, for a total of four courses.




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