TxVSN Changes Added to SB 1

Senator Florence Shapiro

Senator Shapiro’s changes in the TxVSN, that she proposed in HB 1483 during the regular session and SB 30 in the special session, were added to SB 1 (special session). SB 1 deals with some fiscal matters necessary for the budget to balance, including school finance. It passed both chambers and only needs the governor’s signature to become law.

The changes in SB 1 allow students younger than 21 years of age, students between the age of 21 to 26 years of age who are entitled to benefits under the Foundation School Program under Section 42.003, to enroll in a course through the Virtual School Network. School districts will be required to adopt policies that provide districts and students with the opportunity to enroll in electronic courses provided through the state virtual school network. The TxVSN will be required to set up a method for students and parents to provide comments on courses provided through the network which will be accessible to the public.

The bill allows school districts providing a virtual course to count students enrolled in courses through the network based on average daily attendance for determining Foundation School Program entitlement.  The sending school, however, would not receive funding for the time the student is receiving instruction in the virtual course.  The funding will be based on the successful completion of the course.


About Jennifer Bergland

Director of Government Relations at the Texas Computer Education Association
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