Numbers Matter….In the Funding of SB 6

SB 6, was passed by the Senate last Friday and voted out of the House Public Education Committee today.  The House added no amendments to SB 6.   It has not yet been scheduled to be voted on by the entire House.

During the process, the Senate added an amendment to SB 6 to ensure that the funding in HB 4 ($184 million), that has been set aside for instructional materials, would be added to the funds in the Instructional Materials Allotment (IMA) in HB 1 ($608 million). However, the $184 million would only be transferred into the IMA if the bill takes effect immediately.  A bill can only take effect immediately if both chambers pass the bill with 2/3rds of the membership. That means that 100 Representatives need to vote in favor of SB 6 as well as 21 Senators. The Senate has already met that threshold. The House has not yet voted.

If the funds from both HB 4 and HB 1 are moved to the IMA, it is estimated that school districts will receive approximately $84 per student for the IMA for each year in the next biennium. If SB 6 is not passed by 2/3rd of the membership of both the House and the Senate, then there would be approximately $64 per student per year in the IMA.


About Jennifer Bergland

Director of Government Relations at the Texas Computer Education Association
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