Some Victories Along the Way

Today, both SB 6 and HB 6 passed in their respective chambers.  SB 6 had only one amendment.  The IMA will go into affect on September 1, 2011.  There will be no delay of the implementation! Language was also added that the IMA shall be used to assist districts in providing instructional materials that will help prepare students for the STAR and EOC assessments.

The amendment also reduced the percentage of the annual distribution from the Permanent School Fund to 40% (down from 50%) for this biennium only.  In 2013 it will go back up to 50%.
HB 6 was voted on the third reading today in the House.  There were no amendments added, and no one voted against the bill. The process will continue, but for now…we celebrate!
Also, SB 773, Senator Zaffirini’s bill that extends the telecommunication discounts until January 2016, was voted out of the Senate Business and Commerce committee.
Senator CaronaSenator Carona, the chairman of that committee was able to get the two sides to compromise to a four-year extension of the discounts.  We wanted longer, but it’s a win nevertheless. At least for four more years, districts will still receive the discounts. The bill will now have to go through the House, but since the sides have reached agreement, it is expected that it will eventually become law.  We will keep monitoring the progress.

About Jennifer Bergland

Director of Government Relations at the Texas Computer Education Association
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3 Responses to Some Victories Along the Way

  1. woscholar says:

    Well done, Jennifer. Thanks for the update.

  2. Yea!!! So glad they heard us on not delaying implementation of the IMA!

    As far as language added for obtaining materials to help students prepare for STAAR and EOC assessments, isn’t that what materials that cover the TEKS should do? Did they put that language in to make it easier to purchase supplemental materials for remediation or review?

    A win on the telecom discount, too. Awesome! Thanks for keeping us posted, Jennifer, and for letting us know about opportunities to express our opinions to our representatives. This legislative session has been a real education for me and many others I know as well.

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