Senate Bill 1 Cuts Technology Funding

Senator Ogden, Chairmen of the Senate Finance Committee, filed Senate Bill 1 on Monday, January 24th. As House Bill 1, it zeroed out the funding for the Technology Allotment ($270.9 million) and funding for the Texas Virtual School Network ($20.3 million).

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst appointed members to the Senate Finance Committee. As expected, he reappointed Senator Steve Ogden (Bryan) as the chairmen of this committee. The other members are: Senator Bob Deuell (Greenville), Senator Robert Duncan (Lubbock), Senator Kevin Eltife (Tyler), Senator Craig Estes (Wichita Falls), Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr.(Brownsville), Senator Jane Nelson (Grapevine), Senator Dan Patrick (Houston), Senator Kel Seliger (Amarillo), Senator Florence Shapiro (Plano), Senator Royce West (Dallas), Senator John Whitmire (Houston), Sen. Tommy Williams (The Woodlands), and Senator Judith Zaffirini (Laredo).

Senator Ogden has indicated that the committee will start meeting next week to discuss the bill.


About Jennifer Bergland

Director of Government Relations at the Texas Computer Education Association
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One Response to Senate Bill 1 Cuts Technology Funding

  1. Ernie Stripling, TIO says:

    Jennifer, thanks for your devoted attention to our cause. This is a serious time for the technology driven folks. It seems we have worked for 20 years clawing an uphill battle to get technology as a tool for instruction. We await any news and “calls to action” to plea the devastation this will be for our staff and students. Thanks

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